Saturday, September 30, 2006

Primus, one day late

Too Many Puppies

After this disheartening week, wherein we have lost our rights against cruel and inhumane treatment, and right to a trial by jury, this little ditty was the best I could come up with. What? You didn't think that those rules were passed just for terrorists, did you? If the government says you are a terrorist, you don't get a trial to prove them wrong. And they certainly aren't going to waterboard a guy who bombs abortion clinics, are they?

Why the hell is Comedy Central the best place to get news these days?

Thanks to another law passed by congress this week, likely to be signed by the Chimperor, only the rich can protect their civil and constitutional rights against the government in a court of law. The rest of us have to hope to find a pro bono lawyer.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Primus

Laquer Head

Banned by MTV for it's drug content (and perhaps violence) despite being an anti-huffing song and video. Regardless, check that bass line.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ARRR! Ye be knowin what day it be!

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Friday, September 15, 2006


From a post by Pam at the Blend,

Quite frankly, bloggers of color aren't always on the radar of the well-known bloggers either. Linking is powerful, and if it's concentrated among an inner circle of folks who all look the same, with few exceptions, it's going to be tough sledding to get in the mix.

From this ofay, Y level blogger, this rings true. I've been an outsider for ages. Being the kind of guy who didn't care for team sports (I can throw a mean spiral, and have saved a couple of ball games with good catches, but am too lazy to put any serious time in practicing) and had poor luck with girls, I was tagged as a fag. Ya have to love rural Ky. I grew up hating gay people until I met a few and realised that they weren't the hellbound monsters that they had been painted as. Just people.

Racism wasn't a big problem for me, even with some pretty racist people in my family, I had some pretty good role models in my very unracist mother and brother. Unlike most white guys in my town, my mother made way for me to be accepted in the black community, at least as a welcome outsider. I don't pretend to be completely non-racist. Nobody is. But I'm tryin real hard to be the shepherd.

My current blogroll ended up decently diverse, and not really by design. I like learning about people different from myself that share the goals of equal rights along with other liberal causes.

Although there are some Hispanic/Latin(o/a) bloggers in the list (mostly in group blogs), I lost a good one when Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (La Queen Sucia) left Blogger for a private myspace account, and it looks like a squatter has moved in. I was going to keep her on the list, hoping that she would keep her old site open as a mirror, but it didn't fit in with her plans. I don't want to give some squatter running a crappy search engine any traffic, so I had to delist her.

If anyone can suggest a replacement with a tenth of her writing ability, I would appreciate it.


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Friday Primus

So, I don't have any new pics of the cats, so I decided to try something new.

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Les Claypool is one of the greatest bass players ever.

Primus sucks

And the making of for shits and giggles.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Just a quote from a friend, today.

"I won the War on "Terror" September 12, 2001."

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Say it isn't so

Conservationist, animal welfare activist, beloved entertainer Steve Irwin has been lost. Via Blah3, the story at
Irwin, 44, was killed almost instantly when the stingray stabbed him in the heart with its poisonous 20cm barb as he snorkelled off Port Douglas, in north Queensland, yesterday morning.

His American-born wife, Terri, was trekking in Tasmania's Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair National Park when the news broke of her husband's death and was last night being raced back to Queensland with her two children Bindi, 8, and Bob, 2.

We send our best to the Erwin family, especially Bindi and Bob, who we have watched as they grow up, especially amazed at Bindi's fearlessness. And to the extended family at Australia zoo.

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