Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Primus

Tommy the Cat

Say it BABY!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy days!

Updated! Now with 50% more snark!

A gouple gems from My Confined Space.
First, Pelosi is feelin teh power!

And Rummy is already letting himself go...

And Santorum's family, well, what can I say. It can't be easy finding out that 59% of people in the state that you don't really live in think your dad is full of, ummm, santorum. Seriously, I feel for her. Being the child of a far right has been won't be easy. Maybe she and her doll need matching hoodies.

OK, I know, I'm goin to hell for that one.

I have to say that taking the House wasn't that big of a surprise. That we have a good chance to take the Senate isn't that surprising either.

But this little bit of news is freaking me out. In a very good way.
Donald Rumsfeld resigning, according to the AP.

Update: Bush just announced that Robert Gates, the CIA Director under Bush 41, will replace Rumsfeld.

Holy Shiznits!

And in honor of him, One of Rumsfeld's favorite bands singing his favorite song.

OK, so I don't know if Rummy is big on German metal, but this song was on my rotation for level soundtracks in Quake and Unreal when I was big on FPS games. My wife always joked that when she heard this piece, she replaced the word Rammstein with Rumsfeld in her mind. It really makes for a post apocalyptic nightmare (Iraq?) when you read the lyrics that way...

Just for clarification, I think that Rummy is more incompetant and heartless idealist than sadist warmonger.

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