Friday, October 06, 2006

Sci Fi Friday

If you didn't see Doctor Who, then, well, you are either unlucky, like my wife (stuck dogsitting in a house without cable), or you suck. I'm loving the new story arc. If you watched much of the original Doctor, you know that the Doctor was a friend of the crown, working with the UN organization called UNIT. Now the Doctor is an enemy of the UK, with the Torchwood Institute turning this on it's head.

And if you missed the Season 3 starter of Battlestar Galactica... Wow. Suicide bombers. Torture. Arrests in the night. An Abu Ghraib like prison No Habeus Corpus. No charges. Summary executions. Fundamentalists. Anybody working as security forces were called collaberators. Security forces having to live in secret. Puppet regimes where uncooperative presidents can be replaced. High placed government insiders working with the insurgency.

Every occupied territory from 1940s Paris to Iraq. No punches pulled. I bet the it won't make Pretzel night at the White house this year either.

Incredible. Americablog's thoughts here. Here's a good rundown if you missed it.

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