Sunday, July 30, 2006

Churchill on Iraq

Bush often likes to be seen as a new Winston Churchill, a laughable prospect at best.

So what did the great statesman Churchill have to say about Iraq?

A few choice quotes from Joe Klein's piece in Time, taken from a letter from Churchill to PM David Lloyd George (August 1920).
"Week after week and month after month for a long time we shall have a continuance of this miserable, wasteful, sporadic warfare marked from time to time certainly by minor disasters and cuttings off of troops and agents, and very possibly attended by some very grave occurrence."
"Why are we compelled to go on pouring armies and treasure into these thankless deserts?"
Now ask yourself one simple question. Do either of these sound a damn bit like Bush?

Next question, two parter, a bit more complex... Why can't Bush learn from history? Especially that of the man he supposedly models himself after?

Found at Culture Freak.

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I can do science, Me.

(this post has almost nothing to do with Brainiac)

Jason Rosenhouse of EvolutionBlog has an excellent write up on how the differences between Intelligent Design hucksters respond to a scientific challenge as opposed to actual scientists, who approach the problem *gasp* scientifically! It is a bit of a dense read for the non-scientist, but stick with it. (this post has almost nothing to do with Brainiac)

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Howard Stern in politics

Several days ago, Gary Dell'Abate (BaBa Booey), said that he was going to vote for Ned Lamont. Atrios jokingly sugested that this was the only endorsement that Lamont would need (original link to DKos, where some of the response was positive). Most of the response was negative at Eschaton. Extremely negative. A few days later, Atrios mentioned that Howard Stern and crew were for Lamont (w/ link to C&L). There wasn't much to say, but it was still negative.

My thoughts on this... as posted on the Eschaton site...

Whaaaa! I don't like Stern! He's too popular! He's crude! I can't let anybody know that I giggle at fart jokes, or they might take away my liberal membership card!

Get over yourselves. The real deal here is that an insanely popular and successful broadcaster, with an audience of 4 million people and growing, is against Lieberman and Bush. Those listeners like him enough to pay for his show.

Sure, Stern's screwed over our side a few times, and he pulled for Bush in 2000. Why? Partly because Tipper Gore and Joe Lieberman were big on curtailing 1st ammendment rights of musicians, artists and broadcasters. With a bit of radio in my background, I had to push myself to vote Gore Lieberman in 2000 for that reason (not that Bush was ever an option).

Add on top of it all how badly Bush's years have screwed up the nation, this god awful war, the economy (which cuts down how many people can afford to buy into Sirius), Bush's stance on LGBT rights, abortion rights, free speech, screwing over NYC and the city's finest... Lieberman is always with Bush, regardless of what it does to the US.

One of the most influential people in the media is on our side this time, and you all can't deal with it because you don't like his style?
Stern's number one issue is the FCC. I agree with him (most of the time) and have to say, his Sirius show is better than ever.

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Hola friends. I have been mostly absent from blogging for a bit. Things have been extremely hectic, with life put upside down. Great joys, with the birth of a wonderful baby boy to one of our favorite couples. Great sadness, with the death of a friend, colleague, and mentor. Basic burnout from trying to write article after article, with nothing left to put towards blogging.

In the meantime, I have updated the links sections with new blogs, webcomics, etc, and removed some that had gone completely silent, some that I culled as redundant. I have added several blogs from the scienceblog community, giving PZMyers some company.

Hopefully, in the next month, we will see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I will get to relax a bit.

Take care, friends.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

AFA makes the baby Jesus cry.

I got an AFA email this morning about an ongoing case regarding a memorial at a cemetary . You would be amazed at the ridiculous lies they trumped up . A quote from the "action alert."
In fact, an activist judge has already ordered the city to remove the cross from the memorial or face a fine of $5,000 per day. That case, now 17 years old, is still being fought in court.

If the ACLU wins, it will mean that every cross in every federal or state cemetery will eventually be removed. Don't let it happen! Under Section Three, Article Two of the U.S. Constitution Congress can pass a law prohibiting federal judges from having any jurisdiction over federal cemeteries.

If the ACLU is allowed to pursue this anti-Christian bigotry unchecked, the 9000 white crosses at Normandy Beach could soon disappear. The words on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington will be open for removal: "Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God."
Doesn't the Bible say something about bearing false witness? Their email doesn't show the Mt. Soledad memorial. Why? It looks like stacked cinder blocks. It is ugly (at least in pictures). Nobody wants to protect something that is ugly. Its the same reason PETA fights to keep monkeys out of medical research, but doesn't blink at nude mice and rats.

The ACLU has released this statement:
The ACLU is not pursuing, nor has it ever pursued, the removal of religious symbols from personal gravestones. Personal gravestones are the choice of the family members, not the choice of the government. The ACLU celebrates this freedom to choose the religious symbol of your choice.

The ACLU doesn't want to bet rid of tombstones. That is insane! If someone wanted to get rid of cross tombstones, they would be challenged by the ACLU. They support freedom of religion, and for religion to be free from government interference.

On the other hand... this is what the fundies want the US to look like...

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