Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Michael Weiner (Savage) verifiably insane.

OK, so there isn't anything new about Weiner being toys in the attic crazy...

but when you tell a Jewish man that people like him "brought about the Holocaust," you have crossed the line into the realm of WTFland. The nerve to say that a rich Jewish man who involves himself in politics is an acceptable reason for the slaughter of a race... well, it's pretty much what the Nazis had to say. Ironicly, Soros himself predicts this kind of insanity, saying that he contributes to the thought "that Jews rule the world."

MMFA documents Weiner's latest demonstration that he is a nutcase at the above link, as he rants against George Soros (I'm being lazy, and lots of these links go to different parts of the same wikipedia article). Why is Soros so hated by the right? Perhaps because he gives money to their opponants, when everybody knows that the ultra rich should stick together, and work to amass wealth for wealth's sake. I'd suspect that some of it dates back to his setting up scholarships for black South African students at the University of Cape Town. For some odd reason, some on the right wanted to protect Apartheid. cough cough. Dick Cheney. cough cough.

What did Weiner say?
You're the people -- people like you give Jews a bad name, Soros. It's people like you who brought about the Holocaust, Soros. I stand by those words. I stand by those words. I would debate you tomorrow, Soros, on any platform, anywhere. I'll debate you anywhere. It's people like you who brought about the Holocaust, Soros. That's why I need you to shut your mouth and understand the damage you're doing to this world and to the Jewish people, George Soros.

So when does Weiner get fitted for his straightjacket?

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