Monday, April 10, 2006

Convengo con ella.

Ok, so I don't speak Spanish beyond a handful of phrases (love the babelfish), although I do dance a mean merengue. I've been thinking quite a bit about the recent scapegoating of immigrants, and wanted to write a heartfelt commentary regarding the demonizing of latinos/latinas/hispanics (pick your favorite descriptor)... But Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez of La Queen Sucia, via Atrios, does this far better than I could. See her responses (1, 2) to her troll Miguel, I mean Michael. heh.

I've been a bit quiet lately, too damn busy. Maybe this month will be a bit calmer.

One bit of my own rhetoric to add in... Why would someone sneak into the US, and live as an "illegal" with all the potential dangers involved? It is better to be working (if possibly poor) in the US than unemployed and destitute elsewhere. Want to stop illegal immigration? Make somewhere else a much better place to get a job and raise your family than the US.

Oh. Suddenly being an atractive place to live isn't so bad?

BTW, the next time you are thinking about telling someone from Central or South America that they aren't an American, check a map. They are still from the Americas, and you will be laughed at.

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