Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Great Jesus General spoofs

Update, More GOP MART goodness.

The General also reccomends Japan Window for best photo blog to beat some ultraconservative "I hate libruls," site. Today is the last day of voting, so get to it.
Bill O'Reilly Distance Dating Kit and
Anotomically correct Ann Coulter Action Figure

Don't forget to vote for the General at The Weblog Awards 2005 contest in the Best Humor/Comics Blog catagory.

My picks...
Best Blog = Eschaton
Best Group Blog = Think Progress
Best Liberal Blog = AmericaBlog
Best Media/Journalist Blog = Raw Story
Best LGBT Blog = Pam's House Blend
Best Military Blog = Intel Dump
Best Video Blog = Crooks and Liars
Best Law Blog = Law Dork

And for the most part, I'm pickin winners.

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