Saturday, December 10, 2005

Changes afoot

I've been contemplating the evolution of Wonkabout, and am preparing to relaunch this blog. I spend much of my time online with the Off Topic (OT) community over at News Hounds. Because of this, I have been neglecting this blog. Fot this reason, I am changing how I post here.

I will be cross posting much of what I put up on my blog to the OT, except for some OT specific items. Also, Bobbie, June and Cleo will be back for Friday Catblogging Goodness.

I won't officially relaunch the blog until January, but will be testing out this new format, reworking my links, and some non-blog related things, like getting ready for the holidays and writing a couple papers.

In the mean time, check out this response to the GOP's smear video of Dean's comments regarding whether Iraq is winnable.

Also, Daedelus has a great writup of the wag the reindeer war on Christmas. More on it from Wonkette.

Wonkette also tells us about the speculation on the appearance of a brand of dog toy called Kong in Butterstick the Panda's enclosure. You can count on Wonkette to have her head in the gutter.

Also, fellow Ky blogger BlueGrassRoots points us to a Times Online article about some very large jellyfish causing trouble for Japan.

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