Monday, November 07, 2005

Reason # 436 that I could never vote for McCain.


More on McCain's cuddling up to the far right republicultists TM from The Carpetbagger Report.


I haven't trusted McCain for a long time.

When I started paying close attention to politics, about 12 years ago, he seemed like a reasonable person. Since then, he has shown himself to have left his hero days behind, unable to stand up to the man responsible for dragging his family through the mud. McCain seems willing to play a seesaw game with real conservatives (that understand that the Constitution itself prohibits torture) and republicultists TM who are so closeted that their marriages would collapse if the GLBT community had the same rights as everyone else. Now he is cuddling up to the South's Crouching Bigot - Hidden Racist demographic.

And don't even think he might stand up against Bush over Alito. He will vote to screw the little guy to appease the republicultists TM and corporatists that he needs for his doomed 2008 run. The only way that would happen is Alito came out for torture, the only issue McCain still seems to care about.

If you ever consider voting for McCain, just think of this...

You'll come to your senses...

by Robster @ 11/07/2005 09:39:00 PM PERMALink