Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FNC in trouble over harrassment. AGAIN!!

I just mentioned yesterday that FNC was cruzing for a bruising by the on air antics of their talking heads.

It just keeps getting better (via NewsHounds), from MSNBC...
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in federal court against News Corp.’s Fox News Network LLC.

A sexual harassment lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Fox News Network LLC contends that Fox retaliated against Kim Weiler, a former employee, for complaining about discrimination and that, as a result of the discrimination, Weiler and others at Fox were “constructively discharged” by the network. The suit does not state how many people were discharged.

The complaint contends that Joe Chillemi, a Fox vice president who supervised its advertising and promotions departments, sexually harassed and subjected Weiler and other women to a hostile work environment, routinely using obscenities and vulgarities to describe women or their body parts.

Article continued here.

You can read the lawsuit here.

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