Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why the right can't fight terror...

Via Buzzflash, an Alteret article on why Rove was sort of right. It isn't the left that has the wrong idea on how to fight terror, its the right.

Also, Blah3 points us to a Wall Street Journal article (subscription required, and I ain't got one) about an Egyptian envoy to Iraq being kidnapped. But Google gives us access that WSJ won't...

From the BBC,

Egyptian envoy abducted in Iraq

Hostage with captors

An armed group in Iraq has kidnapped an Egyptian diplomat in Baghdad, the Egyptian embassy in the capital says.

Arab Al-Jazeera TV named the diplomat as Mohamed Mamdouh Qutb and said he had been abducted following comments by Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

More at the BBC story...

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