Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday links

A great McD's comic over at Boondocks. I guess this is part of the urbanizing of the brand.

AmericaBlog reports that Roberts is, in the eyes of the American Taliban, a new Scalia/Thomas type.

Blondesense links to a CNN report on an analysis of civilian casualties in Iraq.

Crooks and liars has two great posts.
  1. The first question the Senate should ask Roberts.
  2. The words that should come out of every Democrat's mouth when asked about Roberts, "What Chuck Schumer said."

Via Atrios, the MSM is parroting the idea that the Rove story is out, Roberts is in. Guess what kids, we won't let him off that easy, and the end of Chapter One the story is up to the Grand Jury. Chapter Two is up to the Courts. Chapters Three and Four (Firing the leaker and Impeachment) are up to President Bunnypants and Congress.

Coeruleus at She Flies points out Roberts' views on the endangered species act, and important to me as a Kentuckian, his views on mountaintop removal.

What does mountaintop removal do?

You take a mountain, cut the top off of it, drop it into a nearby valley, killing streams and endangering the lives of anyone downhill. Bad for the environment, and very low on need for labor, leaving more and more miners without a job.

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