Monday, July 11, 2005

Sirius loses Air America.

Sirius has lost Air America Radio to XM Radio.

Here is the email announcement from AAR, via Orbitcast,
Dear Loyal Air America Radio Listeners:

As you are aware, beginning July 11th, Air America Radio will broadcast exclusively with XM Satellite Radio. This partnership is giving us an extra leg to stand on, allows us to develop more programming, and moves us forward into the future with a strong foundation.

We recognize that this change has inconvenienced you. We greatly value your support for Air America Radio and would like to offer you a special promotion from Air America Radio and XM Radio, which we intend to send out next week.

Thank you very much for expressing your concerns to us, for your patience during this time of transition, and most important of all, for your continued support for Air America Radio.

Kind regards,

Air America Radio

This will be an exclusive deal, and has made lots of Sirius AAR listeners angry.

I'm not so worried. Upgrading my car sterio is cheap mental health care, especially with the crappy shows on Sirius Left, except Thom Hartmann, of course. My car audio store of choice, Ovation, will also list my old head unit on Ebay for me, so its not a complete loss. I'll miss the NPR stations, but have 2 local stations. Again, no big deal.

The exclusive nature of this deal seems to be what has most angered listeners, as they see this as a betrayal of progressive beliefs, and a nod to monopoly.


This is a business decision. XM has many more listeners, and is doing better as a service provider. It was probably a good deal, with a sizable infusion of capital, which will help the network (only a bit more than a year old, still in the building process). I doubt that the current managers of AAR (the same guys as Real Audio/Real Player) would do this if it didn't make good business sense.

AAR is a BUSINESS! They make BUSINESS decisions for the best of the company.

Besides, I want one of those little portable sattelite pieces. I could really get into that, especially for inline skating, or journeys into freeperland.

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