Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Scientologists and leaks

Via Wonkette, a Scientologist group had some issues with a print shop...

Scientology Print Shop Incident

I work at a "national chain" print shop.

In January or February the Church of Scientology people came in with a big print job for some special event. They had things on colored paper, they wanted us to match the colors as much as possible and make bound volumes of these things. We gave them an estimate, they agreed, we did the job.

They came by and picked the stuff up. They seemed happy.

About six weeks ago they were back and furious. They said we had kept copies of the originals. Now if we did that we'd need a warehouse. They said copies had been leaked. We told them we did not leak anything and in fact we rarely if ever look at what we print except to make sure we are getting good quality copies and binding right side up and so on.

They sent out a lawyer with some investigators. The investigators tried to act like they were police but it was obviously they were from some private eye company. We told them they could look around a little if it would make them happy. They did really lame things like look in the trash and under the rug and in the toilet tanks!

Then they said they wanted to buy some reams of colored paper. We said fine. They said they wanted to pick which reams they got. Odd but fine. They must have bought 100 reams of paper. They opened them up and looked at the pages. It seems they thought we were hiding documents in there. They left all of the paper in a big pile. We recycled it.

They sound... ummm, completely normal...

I wonder what the Skeptic's Dictionary has to say about Scientologists...

There is other evidence that dianetics is not a science. For example, his theory of mind shares little in common with modern neurophysiology and what is known about the brain and how it works. According to Hubbard, the mind has three parts. "The analytical mind is that portion of the mind which perceives and retains experience data to compose and resolve problems and direct the organism along the four dynamics. It thinks in differences and similarities. The reactive mind is that portion of the mind which files and retains physical pain and painful emotion and seeks to direct the organism solely on a stimulus- response basis. It thinks only in identities. The somatic mind is that mind, which, directed by the analytical or reactive mind, places solutions into effect on the physical level" (Hubbard, 39).

According to Hubbard, the single source of insanity and psychosomatic ills is the engram. Engrams are to be found in one's "engram bank," i.e., in the reactive mind." The "reactive mind," he says, "can give a man arthritis, bursitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, coronary trouble, high blood pressure, and so on down the whole catalogue of psycho- somatic ills, adding a few more which were never specifically classified as psycho-somatic, such as the common cold" (Hubbard, 51). One searches in vain for evidence of these claims. We are simply told: "These are scientific facts. They compare invariably with observed experience" (Hubbard, 52).

Normal. Completely normal. For complete nutjobs.

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