Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday. Why does the Right hate America?

Please note the use of hyperbole in the title.

Via Buzzflash, a BBC piece on howthe US government is making the UK nervous. How? Buy putting a Qaeda handbook online.

A member of the London Assembly Conservatives stumbled upon the content of the site while doing research in the wake of the London bombings.

Richard Barnes, Conservative spokesman on Policing and Resilience, said he was "horrified" the Justice Department was promoting "full instructions on how to be an urban terrorist".

"I hope the US government will see sense and remove this immediately. We need to do everything we can to make London safe."

The manual includes advice on how to go undetected on crowded public transport, how to communicate and avoid detection by the security services, and how to transport weapons and stop deterioration of explosives.

But a Justice Department official said parts of the manual had been withheld because the JD "does not want to aid in educating terrorists or encourage further acts of terrorism".

He told the BBC that the US public had a right to know "how these groups operate and some of the methods they use".

The document was freely available on the internet and - as a piece of evidence in a US trial - through the court system.

"We have no intention of taking it down," he added. "Although if we receive a request from the British government we would obviously re-evaluate the situation."
So the bad parts were kept off the web? Oh. Well all righty then! I feel so much better...

Via RawStory, a "Blue Star" mother relates her story about how she was attacked with profanity and found her love for her children under fire when she contacted a mothers of service-members group to correct errors on their website.

Also important is the second half of the articel. She tells how her family had to buy armor and other items for her son.

Marsha’s frustration is palpable. She’s against the war and is not shy about it, and it’s not simply about the effort to tie Iraq to Sept. 11. It’s about Chris.

Marsha tells how her father, a former Marine, supported the war and maintained that the troops would have everything they needed.

“My dad said, I know they’re getting everything they need,” she recounts. “I thought, okay, what can you say? He’s your father.”

“Six months later, he was having to send things to his grandson to help assist in the war effort, that he did not have.”

Marsha says her father helped pay for body armor. Her son, Chris, is a communications specialist.

But it gets worse... They also have to send him basic tools for him to do his job.

“We’ve sent him extra armor,” she says. “He did have new armor when he left, it was military issued, it was not the best – there are police officers on the street who have better armor, and I know that because I have a degree on criminal justice. We’ve had to send him tools so he can literally do his job of repairing radios.”

Beyond armor, she says she’s also sent basic tools like sockets and wrenches. She laughs as she says it, but she’s obviously pained by how little support she’s seen from those who would send her son to fight, and perhaps to die.

“I did send him a whole ratchet set,” she recalls. “It’s outrageous. We have to pay to send him things, and of course we have to send him things all the time, hair gel even, for instance. It costs a lot of money to send those packages. I took three small boxes to the post office last week and spent $40.”

Truly sad. If this is how the RNC supports troops, I never want to see what happens if they turn on them.

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