Monday, July 04, 2005

Op Yellow Elephant

A good story from Atrios, regarding dropping enlistment numbers and some great snark re how young republicans choose to serve.
I myself am feeling rather optimistic, because according to the head of the Young Republicans:
Most of our members either serve, have served, or plan to serve in the United States Armed Forces, or have participated in events or projects supporting the United States Armed Forces. We will not be intimidated.
There you go. Most serve, have served, plan to serve, OR HAVE PARTICIPATED IN EVENTS OR PROJECTS, such as Operation Drink a Beer for the Troops, Operation Burn a Dixie Chick CD, or Operation Put a Yellow Ribbon on my SUV, supporting the United States Armed Forces.
And from Tom Tomorrow, currently at Salon, tomorrow without adds at Working for Change (scroll to the bottom) gets in on OYE.

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