Thursday, July 28, 2005

Murdoch buys MySpace, community revolts.

BUMP + UPDATE2 Kid Hobo's site is back up, but all data is gone, although he is rebuilding it. Seems it may have had something to do with the MSM asking a couple questions of MySpace. Caching of the site has been blocked by MySpace, and the story from them, according to KH follows,
Apparently Terry Everet (sp?), the VP over at NewsCorp issued a statement to the LA Times saying that they wouldn't delete my profile. (Now they're totally back into a corner) My best guess is that someone else then at MySpace said that my site was streaming 'porn', so they had to take it down for a few moments to purge it of some nasty content. That was their cover... because I never saw any porn coming from my site, I would know! I'm thinking 'Yeah right!' is more like it.
Anyway, it is back up, and you can read about what has been going on at the link in the first update.
BUMP + UPDATE! MySpace has deleted Kid Hobo's Rupert Murdoch profile.

Kid Hobo is currently in contact with the LATimes writer who wrote the piece about MySpace sites spoofing Murdoch's purchase of that little corner of the internet where the cool kids hang out. I'll keep you updated.

Hopefully, this will be a nice bit of egg-like substance on Rupert's face...
One of the regular posters over at NewsHounds, Kid Hobo, chose to protest by setting up a page to poke fun at the devourer of the media himself, Rupert Murdoch. The story starts here, at the Off Topic Forum, where several of the readers are myspace members. Kid Hobo's page is here. Do yourself a favor and read the comments after you read about the plans of "Rupert".

Kerri is such a polite lady. I'm glad she expresses herself with such reservation...

But the story gets better.

Hobo made the LA Times.
Under musical preferences, one says, "Yes, money is music to my ears."

"I encourage my television and radio stations to become Republican soapboxes," another profile says, adding, "There are important benefits to fascism."
What would be one of the best things to happen to Hobo?
News Corp. spokeswoman Teri Everett said the company was aware of the Murdoch profiles.

"But asking for their removal is something we wouldn't consider," she said.
Yes. Censorship. Because it would be a great bit of free press about the oppressive Murdoch regime...

It has been great fun to watch this little subversive gem take off from idea to phenom.

If you want news on what is going on, check out my links. Especially AmericaBlog, Blah3, Booman, Eschaton, and Pam's House Blend. More bad news for Rove, human rights abuses in Iran (and giggling freeper responses), religious fundamentalists cuddle up to hate groups, Dean goes all normal and reasonable all over Tom "Bomb Mecca" Tancredo.

I wish I had more time today. I bet the document dump is going to be great tomorrow, around 6 or 7. Problem is, all us geeky bloggers will be watching scifi.

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