Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's too damn hot

As the starting bookend, go read this article on the troops and their concern that they are the only ones sacrificing for Bush's war. I'll remind you later if you don't read it now...

Why I don't trust McCain...

Majikthise has a story on the possibility of a new flu epidemic beginning in China.

Rawstory links to WaPo story on removing a blockade against sueing gas additive MTBE producers. Manganese, a toxic heavy metal, is a major part of MTBE. Manganese is capable of causing severe brain damage, and kids are more likely than anyone else to take up environmental poisons. Why MTBE is allowed as a gas additive is beyond me...

On She Flies... a wanker in the field of science and beurocratic interference.

An interesting article on Tom Paine about how we should fight terrorism. A seriously worthwhile read.

DKos points us to the Seattle Times on a story about how a man linked to the London bombings was allowed to slip through the cracks by US prosecutors.

Remaining links via Buzzflash...

Guardian article on extremism in Pakistan, and the silent majority of those who oppose their hate.

What does SCOTUS nominee think about abortion?

Ask his wife...

Guardian on why Kerry movie "Stolen Honor" didn't break election laws.

Here's a hint.

It rhymes with shmecnicality, and starts with a T.

Brazil tells USAID that it can go screw itself. Brazil not willing to mess up it's anti HIV AIDS programs for Bush's cash.

The leak of Plame's name, according to the RW treason apologists, is no big deal.

CIA head Tenet didn't see it that way.

But Tenet was a good spook, and never told Bush where he could stick his medal of freedom...

My GOD! another article from the Guardian?

This one on the pot/kettle relationship of True Christians (c) calling the Koran a manual for hate.

The man who was heroicly hunted down and shot to death in the London subway system was not connected to the bombings.

Does anyone remember the part in Fahrenheit 451...?

If you read nothing else, read this. US soldiers not happy that they and their families are the only ones being asked to sacrifice for the war.

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