Friday, July 15, 2005

GOP promoting Little Green Footballs

ODub has this one. You may remember this from a post a few days ago where I linked to and reprinted an analysis on why RW blogs don't have comments. Here is some more on the Moldy Footballs,

Trumpeted in a press release, the Republican National Committee is quite proud of itself with the launch of its new website at Most notable is that the RNC has joined the blogosphere with the launch of the first official RNC weblog. On the RNC’s list of blogs it recommends reading are some of the usual suspects, including Patrick Ruffini, Powerline, Trey Jackson, Blogs for Bush, and others. But one site sticks out - Little Green Footballs (LGF), operated by Charles Johnson, is notorious for being a promoter of and haven for some of the most virulent anti-Muslim and anti-Islam hate speech on the web.

The RNC’s recommendation of the Little Green Footballs site - one of only fifteen selected - would seem to be in stark contrast to President Bush’s repeated proclamations that “Islam is peace”.

I wonder how hateful this blog could be. Was the other day's article a fluke? Read ODub's links to LGF, and how it refers to Arabs as "Oil Ticks," their love of Islamaphobia, and their encouragement of violence on Liberals...

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