Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Cat Bloggin 072905 edition

Quick quiz: Which is the cat, which is the penguin?

If you haven't guessed, we went to the aquarium last weekend.
Actually, this is a teaching aquarium for middle school science classes. The Newport Aquarium is much larger, and has the only Shark Ray in the western hemisphere.

And here is Sweetpea.
Nope, no frickin' laser beam on her head. She is actually a shark, but her front body is very similar to a ray.

But back to the kitties, here is June, doing some spring cleaning. (June has no concept of time, and doesn't realize that summer is here)

And Cleo makes three.
Oh to be a lazy little kitten...

Or a turtle. Turtles are cool. Especially loggerheads named Denver.

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