Monday, June 27, 2005

Will Bush announce war on Iran?

From News Hounds, Fox is pushing propoganda for invading Iran.

Timmerman said that a "showdown is "absolutely" more likely after the election of Admadinejad, and that Admadinejad's "first statement was that he was going to go toward a nuclear showdown." Loftus said he "has almost no popular support but that "in the long run it would be safer" to have "an uprising." He said the "Japanese are telling us now that Iran is sending advanced cruise missiles to North Korea that can be used to attack Japan," and that "the more time you give Admadinejad the more danger to the US and our allies."

Advocating for an invasion himself, Cavuto said, "I just don't know gentlemen what you do here short of a military invasion or quarantine or any of that stuff."

Timmerman said the Pentagon is spending $3 million on "pilot programs," but "we should be spending 100 times that amount."

Loftus, in what sounded like pre-Iraq rhetoric, implied that any action we took would be easy, and over in six months: We have a six month oil supply, "so we can outlast an Iranian regime." If we "shut the oil off, the regime might collapse in an unemployment riot."

Timmerman said "there are going to be massive protests" and we need to be "ready to assist the pro-democracy" forces.

Cavuto pointed out that Ahmadinejad "got a lot of votes," but, Timmerman interjected (for a second I thought he was talking about our recent presidential elections): "You better watch who is counting those votes. We don't know how those ballot boxes were stuffed." He said some people were forced to vote, and that he "would not count on major support for this man."

Cavuto wondered whether the US could stand "higher oil prices if it means pushing this guy out of office." Timmerman said yes, but not definitely and Loftus again implied it would be a cakewalk: we can last six months but "we've gotta drop a lotta money on the revolution."

Deja vu?

So why would the US invade Iran and Iraq?

I posted this on the News Hounds commentary boards (I got the idea from a Randi Rhodes listener).

The oil market couldn't possibly be freaking out that the Bush Crime family is about to invade another oil rich nation. Could it?

Iraq's oil weath converted to US dollars
115 billion barrels of proven oil reserves
45 to 214 billion barrels aditional estimate
$60 a barrel

9.6 to 19.74 Trillion dollars worth of oil
110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas
150 trillion cubic feet aditional estimate
1000 cubic feet = 1.026 MMBtu

1.963 Trillion dollars worth of natural gas
Iran's Oil wealth in US dollars
132 billion barrels of proven oil reserves

7.92 Trillion Dollars in proven reserves alone
940 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) in proven natural gas reserves

7.098 Trillion Dollars of proven Natural Gas reserves

If you were an oil businessman with an army, how much would it take someone to bribe you to invade another country? Would it take more than this.

They say everyone has a price...

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