Saturday, June 11, 2005

When a conservative says... #1

This post, which will be a periodically recurring feature of Wonkabout, will point out resources for you to use when a conservative repeats one of the bumper sticker slogans of the wingnut right.

This one is one of my favorites. It has everything. Nationalism, imperialism, and marvelously poor logic.

"We are fighting them there instead of fighting them here."

If only that were true. In reality, we aren't fighting them in the nations where they operate with the approval or blind eye of the government. Iraq is now a training ground, according to this piece from Think Progress. Islamists travel to Iraq, learn strategy, tactics, bomb making and other combat skills. After they have learned enough, they travel back home, and take their fight to their own government.

Of course, this leads to the claim

"We haven't been attacked again, so Bush must be winning the war on terror."

A single event ruins this claim, making it a useless concept. But what is the real failing of this argument?

Simple. There have been years between the attacks that have taken place in the US. Between February 1993 and September 2001, there were no successful attacks on the US on our soil. There were other attacks, some against US embasies or soldiers, which are not cogent to this discussion. 9/11 was only four years ago. While two data points isn't enough to determine a trend, it is still important to note that the next Qaeda attack may still be a year or so off.

Also, extending the war on terror to Iraq (based on lies) further extended the economic damage of 9/11. This continued the market instability, worsened oil prices (helping to drive inflation) and continued to worsen our deficit (which will lead to greatly increased interest rates in the future). Damaging the US economy was one of Qaeda's goals in attacking the US. Bush has only ensured that Bin Laden's goals were furthered. Making the US unable to express it's will abroad by making it economically impossible will work as well as causing the actual downfall of the US.

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