Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Washington Post forced to discuss Downing street Memo

The WaPo actually had to run an article about how people just won't quit talking about the Downing Street Memo. They even title the article, "The Downing Street Memo Story Won't Die." I thought snark was part of "irresponsible" blogging, not "serious" journalism. Could it be that the newspaper doesn't like to be told that it isn't doing it's job?

"The White House has denied the premise of the memo, the American media have reacted slowly to it and the public generally seems indifferent to the issue or unwilling to rehash the bitter prewar debate over the reasons for the war," wrote reporters Stephen J. Hedges and Mark Silva.

Still the story won't go away, thanks to the attention it gets on the Internet.

I think that might be it! WaPo had the distinction of bringing the abuses of the Nixon White House to the public eye. Are they afraid of doing it again? Are they really that much of a bunch of wimps?

At least they would have the guts to take on Mehlman, right?

On Sunday, "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert asked Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman about the memo. Mehlman said "that report has been discredited by everyone else who's looked at it since then."

When Russert noted that the authenticity of the report has not been discredited, Mehlman said "I believe that the findings of the report, the fact that the intelligence was somehow fixed have been totally discredited by everyone who's looked at it."

Mehlman referred specifically to the Senate Intelligence Committee's July 2004 report on pre-war assessments of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction which concluded that the Bush administration's findings were "overstated" and "not supported by the underlying intelligence reporting." The report attributed the mistakes to "group think" in the intelligence community, not to pressure from the administration officials.

I guess not. They could have mentioned that the memo wasn't given to any committee, or even known about until recently. Mehlman seems comfortable with being incompetent. In the end, WaPo missed it's chance to say that no one has discredited the memo, and it has been accepted as true by the UK government.

Far from being a dud, the Downing Street Memo may generate more stories to come.
But don't expect WaPo to be happy about reporting on it.

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