Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Very late night at the lab...

I love western blots.

Just keep repeating it. Maybe I'll have more time tomorrow. I am planning to write about Sam Byck and (no connection) events in Africa. Hola Bill.

In the mean time, check these out.

Texas to kick out gays.

Apologies to Edwards from Wonkabout. Media took his comments out of context as much as they did Dean. Edwards is still to nice to lead an opposition party.

Right wing claiming that Duelfer Report backs up lie that Iraq sent weapons to it's enemy, Syria.

Book claims that Hillary is into hot lesbo action. Can't the right come up with a new smear for a strong woman.

Fox still lying about Newsweek/riot connections. Read the comments to see what scientists do while running experiments with long incubations...

Bush and Blair questioned about Downing Street Memo.

Bush having trouble lying about Downing Street Memo.

Timeline of Bush statements regarding Iraq War decision making.

Right winger starting to understand that they can't claim victimhood.

Al Gore wins Webby award for securing funds that helped found the internet. NYT still hasn't figured out that Gore never claimed to have invented it.

Right winger with gender identity issues whines about Deep Throat nickname. Same wingnut talks about pornographic scenes in Schindler's List. This guy has serious issues.

Lowball estimate that Earthlings spent 1 trillion dollars on weapons. Estimate is low because of use of contractors. Mars tries to catch up in spending to prevent invasion.

Some good clean Star Wars fun.

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