Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday. Do you feel a draft?

Via Buzzflash, news that draft boards in Florida are becoming active and fully staffed. Uh oh.

OpTruth has a good analysis of the likelihood of a draft. I'm glad I'm old enough to not be drafted. My nephews, however...

So what can you do? Volunteer to be on the draft board! Yes you will have to send people to war, to die. But you can make sure that the sons and daughters of rich white Republicans don't get out of the draft. There is no surer way to end this imperial misadventure.
Commentary on the White House's attempts to say that nobody has alledged torture and that the Downing Street Memo is a fake. Lying bastards.
A couple posts ago, I put my claws out regarding Democrats who aren't willing to take Bush on as a lying, disassembling (our nation, military and education system), mother of all wingnuts. Kudos to Hillary. She gets it.
When Hillary gets tough, the wingnuts call her a lesbian.
Yesterday I said we need to make sure people know that DeLay took money from Saipan businessmen who use women in sweatshop labor. More details. Many are forced into prostitution. Any that become pregnant are forced to have abortions (thus keeping this from being a pro-choice loss for Hot Tub Tom). DeLay said that these people represent what the Republican party stands for.
Sometimes you just have to say WTF? Booman Tribune will take you there.
An Indian temple fined the parents of a baby that urinated on its mother while she was praying, but the government ordered the money returned, saying the penalty was unfair.
Via Wonkette, a story on a Soviet style poster reminding you to alert the Commisar if you see something that might be... Unusual.

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