Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday. Hide the beer from God!

Went to the supermarket today. If you've ever been to Ky, you know that most places that sell beer here have little blinds they pull down over the beer, close off aisles with beer or even lock up the beer. What was special about today's shopping trip? This bed of heresy, this foul den of iniquity, this whorehouse of Babylon didn't hide the beer from God. It was on display for all the good Christians to see, and on the day of the Lord!

Don't these people know that in the Bible belt, we are good holy people one day of the week? I was stunned. I was amazed that Lexington hadn't been destroyed in fire and brimstone. I mean, the one day that we attract the attention of God with our supplication, we can't let Him know that we are beer-swilling drunkards! Seriously, the worst part is that now that our secret is out of the bag, when we run into God at the country club, there will be those awkward silences.

And now, Headlines!
From Buzzflash, Democrats don't seem to understand that the only way we can win against the Republicans in 06 is to show how we are different from them, not that we can't present a united front. The problem, he said that the repub leaders hadn't worked a day of their lives. Has Bush worked an honest day? Has Rove ever been honest? Dean's point was that some people were not able to vote last Nov. 2 because they couldn't stand in line for a several hours. They had to go to work. Democrats think this is a problem. Republicans don't. Making Election Day a holiday would help. Not completely, but some. Beyond that, he said that Delay should be in jail for the crap he did. Pretty close to the truth.

Well, if Biden had shown that he could stand up to Bush in the Gonzalez and Rice confirmations, then he could talk. If Edwards had called Cheney a liar for saying that he never came to work at the Senate, or had managed to get on the news with any of his speeches (some of which were very good), or understood that the only way to beat these schoolyard bullies is to hit back, I could take him seriously.

As Joe of AmericaBlog says,
Why is it that Democrats just love to attack their own? Howard Dean makes a fairly innocuous criticism of Republicans. The response? He gets dumped on by leading Democrats, John Edwards and Joe Biden, both of whom are (surprise, surprise) thinking about running for President themselves.
Here's an idea for Democrats. Stick together for a change. It's what the Republicans do... and they control the White House, the Senate and the House. You might be better off standing up to the right wing and even the media, instead of beating the crap out of your own party chair.

BTW, while prospective candidates Biden and Edwards are beating up on him, Dean is out organizing in Montana and Missouri this weekend.... trying to turn red states blue, rather than trying to turnother Democrats black and blue.
Me? I'm not going to stick to anybody who doesn't hold to the principles of the party. Help the poor. Represent the working and middle class. Protect the Constitution. Do what we can to make the world a safer and better place to live through thoughtful decisions based on what works instead of doing what we know doesn't. How hard is it to stick to those principles? Apparently, as long as the Democrats are afraid to criticize Bush for fear of being called traitors, its going to be hard for the politicians.
I'm not as hot on Obama either. I thought he was progressive. I thought he was going to speak truth to power. I thought he would be willing to take Bush on regarding renditions. Maybe he's afraid that he won't be able to help his state without the Republican lite boys he's hanging out with.
Where is Osama? That's the question Ted Rall asks. He has an interesting idea. But it would mean that our ally Pakistan might not be as trustworthy as we thought it was...
Indeed, Pakistani-controlled Kashmir is topographically and politically more hospitable to bin Laden than the Pakistani-Afghan frontier regions targeted by joint U.S.-Pakistani military operations since 2002. Massive, craggy mountains separate bandit-ridden canyons where road signs mark routine ambush points. Tribal authorities allied with exiled Talibs fighting a proxy border war against India operate with so much impunity that recruiting centers for Al Qaeda and other "banned" Islamist parties operate openly out of storefronts. Pakistani troops rarely venture into the "Northern Areas"--not that their pro-Taliban officer corps would order them to do so. For these reasons Islamist militants fleeing eastern Afghanistan traditionally leave via Kashmir.

Of course bin Laden may have chartered a plane from Kashmir to Yemen or elsewhere. But if I were hunting for Osama, I'd start there. If I were serious.

Rall also has a great comic on the Bush attempt to act like the Gitmo critics are taking the words of terrorists instead of those who were cleared of charges and released. Thats right, the critics are relying on those who were cleared by the Bush administration.
Booman Tribune has an amazing link to a science article on epigenetic (non-DNA based) inheritance. It could be very interesting if it turns out to be true. I'm not sure if I buy in yet, but I work with DNA modifications fairly often, and use them to kill tumor cells in vitro, so the short term concept is there. Does it translate into long term? I don't know. But that's what is great about science. We'll figure it out sooner or later.
More science, this from DKos, Ebola and Marburg may be less of a threat in a few years. Vaccine work is ongoing. They will probably continue to kill a few people when an outbreak begins, but at least we will be able to protect everyone where outbreaks are likely to occur. In the meantime, you can always buy one of these cute little guys. Maybe I should bet my Dad the TB one for Father's day, as he survived it when he was a kid. Probably wouldn't get the joke...
On the public health side, kids don't think oral sex is as risky as vaginal sex, but aren't going completely nuts for oral either.
It turns out the press glossed over the main point of the survey, which was how attitudes about oral sex compare with attitudes about vaginal sex (or, as one particularly inept news site had it, "“virginal sex"”). You see, while the 14-year-olds surveyed did say that oral sex is safer and more acceptable than going all the way, they specifically did not say that it is "“safe and not really sex"” or "“OK for teens,"” as two wire stories summarized it. Indeed, when given a list of statements and told to rate how much they agree with them, the two sentences the students endorsed most strongly were: "“Teens my age are too young to have vaginal sex” and “Teens my age are too young to have oral sex."” It'’s certainly true that the kids were substantially more likely to approve of oral than vaginal sex, but overall they were wary of both.
So teens aren't a bunch of horndogs. I'm sure that Dobson won't sleep unless all those horrible little slutty kids are having sex and feeling bad about themselves.
CNN will be doing whatever it needs to keep from being blamed for the next riot in Islamaland. How will they do this? By running the GHW Bush Flyboy Story constantly instead of news.
Odub points out that the democratic march in Lebanon is coming out in favor of Hezbollah. Why? Part of the deal probably has to do with Syria pulling strings in the vote counting. Part of it has to do with the fact that Hezbollah does a lot of charity work Israell as Isreal attacking. Will Bush claim this as his legacy? Only until he needs to invade Lebanon during his third term. I mean during Jeb's first.
Last, but not least, Wonkette points out that Hannity is asking
When will the mainstream media catch up with a story like that? And isn't this part of the problem with the old guard?
Uh oh. I guess he'll be cleaning the toilets at Fox for a month as his punishment.

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