Friday, June 17, 2005

Some fun friday bits

Do you believe in ESP? (via Majikthise, who found it at NTodd)
A recent Gallup survey shows that just about three in four Americans hold some paranormal belief -- in at least one of the following: extra sensory perception (ESP), haunted houses, ghosts, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, astrology, communicating with the dead, witches, reincarnation, and channeling. There are no significant differences in belief by age, gender, education, or region of the country.
Want to know more about ESP? Your wish is my command... (skeptics dictionary)
Much of the belief in ESP is based upon apparently unusual events that seem inexplicable. However, we should not assume that every event in the universe can be explained. Nor should we assume that what is inexplicable requires a paranormal (or supernatural) explanation. Maybe an event can't be explained because there is nothing to explain.
ESP? Its about as real as the Easter Bunny. Think you really have it? Take the challenge. And just so you know, I'll be betting against you.
Heinrich at Coeruleus has some great science news today, too. highlights follow,
White House fixing Iraq intel? They also fixed reports on global warming!
Adult neurons have been lab cultured.
Iranian scientists are barred from publishing in the aeronautics field. I would think that keeping people out of legit science would push people to government weaponsmithing.

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