Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday night special

WH not concerned with Qu'ran pissing incident (AmericaBlog).

Andy at funcentral has a good post with lots of links to the coming Impeachment of Bush. Sure there are other stories from bigger blogs, but this has lots of supporting links for the whole story and is quite thorough.

Also, another one I meant to link to a couple days ago, Bart at Daze of our lives has a very good post on why the EU constitution votes failed.

And how could I pass by this Pandagon post on an insane comic book on how dinosaurs tried to sink Noah's Ark. Last I checked Genesis, clean animals got a certain number of each sex, unclean another, but no mention of dinosaurs being left out of the deal. Especially no note of fallen angels being behind a stampede of dinos. Dude. WTF?

On the other hand, I finally got around to watching the "ultimate edition" of The Fifth Element. I love that movie. The extra features are pretty slick. Diva fans finally get an interview with the actress that played her. Also, there is a featurette with the comic book artists that inspired Besson. I wasn't aware that one, "Mobius," was the same Mobius behind Heavy Metal. Also, watching it made me think about the scene in Star Wars Ep2 where Aniken skydives through traffic to catch the assassin. Amazing how directors steal from each other in the tradition of homage. Not that I'm complaining. We do it in science too. We'd never make advances without paying homage to the scientists who came before, building on their advances with our own. OK, enough obnoxious sentimentality.

Now its time for your daily lesson on fascism! The voice is Air America's wild man, Mike Malloy.

And perhaps this is the kind of condom ad that should go on TV if we want the fundies to truly go ape. Or this one, or this...

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