Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The real Schiavo issue

By now, you have heard that the autopsy on Terri Schiavo has come in. That she had not been abused, that she was blind, that the cause of her collapse could not be determined, that her condition was irreversible, that she couldn't have gotten better.

You have read all this.

This was never about Mrs. Schiavo.

This was about a takeover of the judicial system.

This was about a complete lack of ethics.

Frist never cared about Mrs. Schiavo. He only wanted to USE HER! He only wanted to push an extremist agenda on the United States. He should lose his medical license for performing a diagnosis by video tape.

I was unaware that another doctor in congress had committed a breach of medical ethics in regard to this case, but Dave Weldon (R-FL) should also lose his license. As should the charlatans who told the family that they could magicly heal a woman who was beyond all possible repair.

Sean Hannity, Bill O'Rielly, Scarborough, and any other hack that exploited this family for political and ratings related reasons should apologize to the family. Then they should resign.

Dan Rather stepped down for airing a true story backed up with a suspect document. These lying bastards should step down too. In disgrace.

Now we have judges who think that a 40 hour work week is unconstitutional.

A judge who did what he could to see that the law was followed was expelled from his church.

A family was torn apart so that a handful of right wing extremists could make political hay.

A man had to bear accusations of having abused his wife, a woman he had devoted his life to making better. When it became clear that she wasn't going to get better, and he decided to carry out her wishes of death with dignity, he was called a murderer. He had started a new family only because he knew that the woman he had fallen in love with was nothing but a shell. For being human, instead of being the tragic hero in a bodice ripping romance novel, he was demonized.

A woman was denied the right to pass in peace.

Several families were denied the right to spend time with dying family members because of an insane circus made up of flagellants and media leeches.

Shame on the media. Shame on the Republicans. Shame on the wingnut activists that manipulated Mrs. Schiavo's parents.

Now do something about it.

Contact the Tennesee medical board to complain about Frist.

Contact the Florida medical board to complain about Weldon.

Write or call your representative and senators to let them know how you feel about what they did regarding "Terri's Law." (you should be able to find out about how they voted here for the House, the Senate passed this law by voice vote, so you will need to contact their staff to find out how they claim to have voted.)

Give money or support of some kind to Hospice to make up for the foul things that we as a nation did to slander their name.

Write a living will (differs from state to state, so google your own state's rules).

Oh, and sign the Conyers letter already.

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