Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Nation on Mercury in vaccines.

I have read a hundred or so articles on the issue of Mercury in vaccines, and possible health issues, and have yet to be convinced of a link to any disorders. The Ask Dr. Marc collumn of the Nation takes on this issue very well.

I know lots of people that feel very strongly on the issue of childhood vaccinations. I respect them, but disagree with their views. Could there be a link? Perhaps, but the data just isn't there to support it. Should we err on the side of safety? Yes, but avoiding vaccinating your kids when the disease they are likely to get can be lethal (whooping cough), sterilize them (mumps in boys), or cause a severe liver infection (Hepatitis), I'll take the vaccine. Thanks.

Armstrong Williams Notice: I don't have a particular horse in this race. None of my research relates to vaccines, mercury or autism, and none of the pharma stocks I own currently distibute any childhood vaccines containing mercury to my knowledge.

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