Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday night madness

I got in four miles inline skating, over the rolling hills of KY, and boy do I ache. But it was worth it. I really have to write a review of my K2 V02 max skates sometime.

I have become obsessed with Newshounds. And such, you should go read everything there. NOW!

OK, so you're back. Did you see how Fox doesn't consider high gas prices to be a problem?

Or that Bush is flippity flop fliping over Geneva rights for Gitmo detainees? Now we just have to get him to quit rendering prisoners to countries where they get tortured. And quit hiding prisoners from the red cross.
AmericaBlog has some apologies, what with Cheney demanding an apology from Dick Durbin for reading a report from the FBI aloud.
Via AmericaBlog and DKos, Raw Story tells us how a Marine who was going to Iraq had to get his family to buy him body armor and a camelbak canteen. Way to support the troops BushCo.
Marine Pfc. Jeremy Tod, 19, called home with news that his superiors were urging him and fellow Marines to buy special military equipment, including flak jackets with armor plating, to enhance the prospects of their survival. The message was that such purchases were to be made by Marines with their own money.
Besides the essential flak jacket with steel "trauma" plates, the shopping list for the 5-foot-5 155-pound Marine included a Camelbak (water pouch) special ballistic goggles, knee and elbow pads, a "drop pouch" to hold ammunition magazines and a load-bearing vest.
Think Progress sends us to the Guardian, where we see that Bush's WMD claims were bogus.
A key Foreign Office diplomat responsible for liaising with UN inspectors says today that claims the government made about Iraq's weapons programme were "totally implausible".

He tells the Guardian: "I'd read the intelligence on WMD for four and a half years, and there's no way that it could sustain the case that the government was presenting. All of my colleagues knew that, too".

By way of Atrios, the Christo-Fascists are at it again.

NJDC: "Enough is Enough; The GOP's Religion-Bating Must Stop"

Washington, DC: During a debate today surrounding an amendment by Rep. David Obey (D-WI) to fully examine allegations of proselytizing and religious intolerance at the United States Air Force Academy, six-term Republican Rep. John Hostettler (IN) rose to assert that "Democrats can't help denigrating and demonizing Christians." [Rush transcript.] Rep. Obey, the ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, interrupted Hostettler's deeply disturbing remarks and demanded that they be formally retracted; Hostettler ultimately agreed to retract one sentence from his diatribe.

This wingnut is angry that Christians aren't allowed to harass Jews and others at the USAF acadamy. Aparently, freedom of religion only means that forced conversions are free of charge.
A boy in India is menstruating, perhaps because of an uncommon medical abnormality that could prove fatal.
Also from Raw Story, the gay tennesee teen who was sent to an ex gay day prison camp has made it through his first two weeks, and his family sent him back for another six.

Isn't there some way to make this family quit abusing their son?
Finally, Tom Paine (one of my favorite Revolutionary War heroes) has a great post on why Bush really went to war.

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