Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Missing: Marbles. Return to Judge.

A judge in London KY has lost his mind. This guy is letting those found guilty of some crimes to have a choice. They can choose to go to church instead of rehab or jail. Of course, he thinks he gets out of the church/state issue because he uses the phrase, "worship services."

Oh. Well. That makes it all better. Why is it that we have so many goofballs in our state. Sentence the guy to community service. Include a church affiliated soup kitchen or food/clothes dropoff on the list. Someone there will offer to take the guy to church. It is indirect, with guaranteed interactions, and involves none of the red flags that ensure your town will end up paying the court costs of the ACLU.

How hard is this to understand?

When you do something this dumb, you will end up getting sued. The ACLU will take the case. You will lose and you will pay the legal fees associated with the case and the ACLU's involvement. And it has not one damn thing to do with activist judges, except for the numbskull that is sentencing people to church! That is judicial activism! It is that simple.

What a dumbass. It sounds like a plot line off the Simpsons.

by Robster @ 5/31/2005 11:13:00 PM PERMALink