Friday, June 17, 2005

Jeb Bush continues to stalk Michael Schiavo

One of the big stories in the blogosphere is how Florida governor Jeb Bush just won't let Mrs. Terri Schiavo die. He wants to keep harrassing Michael Schiavo. This time, its about one of the items that the rapture right used to attack Michael during the circus of death.

Jeb wants to investigate a period of time from over a decade ago. The rapture right claims that Michael waited over an hour to call 911 when he found that his wife had collapsed. This is a claim that her parents put forward at some point to stoke the public's hate of their son in law. Her parents have yet to be right on anything yet. She was in a PVS, she was blind, and she hadn't been abused.

Their evidence... (Atrios)
Michael Schiavo has said he called 911 immediately after finding his wife collapsed on the floor of their home on Feb. 25, 1990. Though medical records indicate he called 911 about 5:40 a.m. that day, he told the Medical Examiner's Office recently that he found his wife about 4:30 a.m.

Felos said it's impossible that 70 minutes elapsed before Michael Schiavo called 911.

"She would have been dead before they (paramedics) got there," he said.
A coworker of mine showed he his birth certificate once to show how bad record keeping can be. His name was spelled wrong and his race was qhite instead of white.

Reasonable doubt anybody?

Never mind that Jeb is grasping for straws to keep his support from the rapture rightists.

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