Thursday, June 09, 2005

Have a great Day of Thor

I'm going to lead off with the Lodi Muslims accused of links to al Qaeda. I don't know enough about the case to speak on it's merits, but I hope that the feds have their case put together. If it is true, jail them. If not, let them go. This is what we have a court system for. In the Padilla case, we don't seem to have enough evidence to actually do anything with his case, and a judge ruled that we have to charge and prosecute or let him go. We are a nation of laws. Without those laws, we are nothing.
One of the things that Liberals like myself have been saying is that Bush is hurting the War on Terror. That he only makes it easier to support terrorists by lending support to brutal dictatorships (Uzbekistan), ignoring our own constitution, and proving Bin Laden right by invading an oil rich Muslim nation. A French journalist by the name of Christian Chesnot, who was held hostage for four months in Iraq, said that he had asked his captors about the US election,
And he say, thank you, Mr. Bush, because you tried to kill us in Afghanistan and now we're everywhere. And he said, also in 60 countries. Maybe it's wrong. But he said, now we're in a state of confrontation. And at this time it was very, not funny, but amazing because it was at the time of the election, American election, where there was John Kerry and George Bush, you know, competing in the U.S. election. And I said to him, maybe you will vote to Kerry because he wants a withdrawal of the U.S. troops in Iraq. He said not at all. We want George Bush. I vote George Bush because with him it will be more confrontation, more violence and after one year, two years, we will be more stronger because we will be more experienced in the fighting against the Americans. So, you know, it is a kind of very deadly game between this guy, the extremist or terrorist, as they call them in America, and George Bush putting, you know, fire and – you know, oil on the fire. And so, this very, I think, dangerous and very gloomy for the future. Because now we are really in a kind of clash of civilization.
Oh well. So much for keeping us safer.
Crooks and Liars has a video of saying that Iraq had no WMDs. Video is from 2001.
Red Meat and Ted Rall for your comics of the day.
As if recruiters didn't have enough trouble finding new soldiers. God, I hope this isn't true. Its one thing for soldiers to say their recruiter lied to them (a pretty common statement) and another for a recruiter to be using his position to pick up young girls.
Have a good day. I hope to have a funny picture for you later.

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