Monday, June 06, 2005

Hate Mondays. Must do some writing.

Yet another day with lots of writing to do. But for now, here are some news items.

Because he is from KY, I have to mention that Mitch "Mitchy-poo" McConnell said that the US has the best prison system in the world. Would I rather be in a prison here or in Mexico? Well, duh, here. But would I rather be in prison here if I was white or black, rich or poor, connected politically or not? You guess.

Side note, before my Mom was lost to the brainwashing of Fox News, she was moderate to left leaning, and despised McConnell. Called him Ronald McConnel.
Fox suggests that nuclear power is green. WTF?
Nice Democracy Now article on how Bush started his Iraq war in 2002.
Booman Tribune talks about DKos's comments over the remake of Gilligan's Island, the ads, and how stupid the criticism has been. I thought the ad was campy and silly. (warning, major generalization follows) Can I see how second wave feminists would be offended? Yes. Would the third wave feminists be ticked? No. They recognize crude entertainment as crude and go on to other matters.

Don't like the ad? Don't watch the show. Ad revenue will drop, and TBS won't renew for a THIRD season. Thing is, you'll watch, because you love to feel offended while being titilated. Oh yeah, you'll watch.

Does ranting over a TBS show that probably won't get high ratings achieve anything? Would the time and effort expended be better used to push Wal-Mart for fair pay and hiring practices? How about making sure everybody knows that Tom DeLay takes money from countries that engage in sweatshop labor exploiting women? What about making public how the anti-choice groups try to shut down clinics by having new "safety standards" legislated every year, requiring clinics to install different size doors than code, or other items that make clinics waste time and money remodeling their building instead of focusing on women's health.
From Buzzflash, Cheney is living in another world where the truth is what he says it is. Nutjob.
How wonderful to live in an empire where you can create your own reality. We should all try it. If you run a red light, say it was green. If your boss says you're fired, show up the next day anyway. If your doctor says you have lung cancer, say it's a cold.
Also from Buzzflash, animal rights activists may be tried under terrorism laws. Sounds good to me. If they use terrorist methods they are terrorists. I have no problem with this. It should extend to far right wing groups, something that the Bush administration hasn't done.

Why am I willing to treat these groups harshly? Because few animals should have rights. Rights are given only to those who can respect the rights of others. On the other hand, I believe in animal welfare. This means compassionate and fair treatment of animals. When abuse occurs, it should be stopped. But without animal testing, we wouldn't have any modern medical advances, from open chest cavity surgery to safe medicine. Ever take your cat to the vet? All those medicines and treatments for your pet come from advances due to testing. Animal rights advocates actually would often bring harm to animals instead of helping them as a whole.

But what about testing makeup? That is needless cruelty, right? If it weren't for this kind of testing, makeup would contain lots of dangerous chemicals intended to make the makeup go on smoothly, or last longer. Would you want to wear makeup that could cause cancer? No, and you don't have to worry about it because the testing has already been done. Does your brand of makeup claim to use no animal testing? No? Could it be because all the ingredients have already been tested and determined to be safe? But that would mean that the company isn't being forthright about it's position. They wouldn't lie to you would they?

But why do researchers use mice and rats? Simple. The interest of animal rights advocates in any species is directly tied to how cute it is. Want to do research on monkeys or dogs? You better have a damn good reason, and you have to use a very small sample size to get your results. Want to use mice? You can use lots more. Want to use something like fish? Very easy. How about jellyfish? No face, no problem.

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