Monday, June 13, 2005

The Freeper Blues

One of the techniques I use in the lab requires that I travel into a black whole of freepdom. No information survives entry, no enlightenment gets out. This is the realm of Captain Tightpants (named for wearing pants way too small for a grown man (was actually named this by another freeper)). This guy actually believes that Hannity is an honest and responsible radio and TV host.

The standard discussions occur as the computer takes a very low light image.

Stupid statement of the day. Duh. What is a progressive tax? Some people (this phrase is a definite sign of Fox poisoning) would say a flat tax is progressive. Do you want to penalize hard work?
- of course, my response was that people who do hard work don't get paid that much, and even well paid high skilled people who make more than they need to live should be taxed more. People that work with their hands should be taxed less than those who grow rich off the labor of others. That IS capitalism! It IS in The Wealth of Nations! Does Paris Hilton do any hard work? Ha!
-Never mind that a flat tax (one of the most regressive taxes in existence) has never occured in a democracy. When democracies moved to flat taxes, they became oligarchies.

Hasn't read the DSM, but says that it doesn't matter. Why? Because it came out 8 months before we invaded. WTF? It says we were fixing the facts! That is why it is important! BUSH LIED!

He of course trotted out the old claim that we should have attacked Russia after we defeated Germany in WW2. Utter Bullshit. You can find my thoughts on this here (read the comments for the full story as well as a respectful discussion with a conservative regarding this topic. Some conservatives I can talk to without getting mad. Others just piss me off with their repitition of the lies and slander that kept Bush in power. Captain Tightpants is one of the latter.)

Believes the media was pro-Kerry. Had nothing to cite other than the number of pro Kerry editorial endorsements. More bullshit. I don't really need to go into how the corporate media wipes lil' W after he craps all over the nation, do I? Or the constant attention to Bush campaign speeches (rigged town halls were never mentioned) and very little attention to Kerry?

Claims Kerry may have been dishonorably discharged. Defends the Swift Boat Liars for Perjury. How stupid can someone be?

Claimed that nothing bad has happened at Gitmo. Didn't care if Qu'rans were flushed. Believes that all Gitmo detainees are terrorists. Gotta love blind followers.

Believes that the Newsweek was responsible for the riots in Afghanistan, even though he had read Gen. Myers remarks to the opposite.

He didn't even know that we sold Iraq most of its WMDs and some of the WMD delivery systems in the first place!

I did manage to get one piece through his thick skull. Even those who believe whatever they are told that is pro-bush can sometimes learn something. When he asked how many WMDs had been found, and I replied zero, he said no. We found 23 artillery shells. My response? 23 old shells. We exchanged 23 shells for 1700 american lives. Real good trade Bush. His sister is in country. This actually hit home. Their lives were not worth the 23 old artilery shells with degraded agents in them.

Sorry. I needed to rant. You may return to your regular blogging...

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