Sunday, June 12, 2005

But I'm a Cheerleader camp in Memphis

Update: Pandagon has a good point. The person in this situation is a minor, and it is unethical to print any identifying information. Therefore, the link to his blog has been removed. I know that this won't actually prevent anybody from finding out who he is if they really want to, but it is the ethical thing to do.

An "ex-gay" brainwash/reprogramming day camp (Love in Action) in Memphis has gotten into the blogosphere because a young blogger came out to his family. His parents had a royal fit and as soon as school was over, they sent him to the camp. There has been little word as to his status after entering the camp. A couple of the links to their rules in this post will let you know how stifling this prison-day camp is.

While I don't believe that such a thing as brainwashing exists (sure, some people give in to pressure just to make harrassment end, but an actual event of reporgramming?), this will be a traumatic time for this young man. The bastards that run this place actually say this (via Pam's House Blend),
"I would rather you commit suicide than have you leave Love In Action wanting to return to the gay lifestyle. In a physical death you could still have a spiritual resurrection; whereas, returning to homosexuality you are yielding yourself to a spiritual death from which there is no recovery."
This is pretty damn close to abuse, and will probably tear the family apart. The young man will certainly never trust his parents again. This story truly bothers me.

If you want, here are some links that will tell you more about this tragedy, with more eloquence than I ever could muster.
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Pam's House Blend (some of the best commentary of the lot) and her follow up piece.
Republic of T and followup post w/links on DKos.
Crooks and Liars w/link to video from local news on a protest there.
Jesus General manages to put some fun in this otherwise depressing incident.
Oh, and if you want to know what the title of this post is a reference to, check out this movie sometime.

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