Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wednesday humpin!

Not much in the way of news to speak of. Frist is still angry that someone took away his new toy. Children shouldn't play with nukes. They could go off my mistake. The Bolton nomination is on its way for a Senate vote. This suggests that the Dems are laying down (what other bloggers think) or that Reid knows that he has 7 Republicans ready to vote with him (or more likely, 8, since one will need to make up for Lieberman).

Lieberman gives us a preview of the Bolton vote. Owen got her Senate approval. Party line vote. Except for Joe. Will somebody just change his D to an R and get it over with.
End Update.

Alternet suggests that biology teachers have fun with ID. I would do this if I were in Kansas. But that ain't gonna happen. I like my states to be less flat than a pancake and with a school system not under attack from wingnuts. My favorite piece follows,
The biology teacher should offer students creationism as a possible explanatory theory of the origins of life. And, of course, subject it to the same rigorous scientific analysis the teacher uses to evaluate the accurateness of evolution. The students will learn that the scientific evidence for the-heavens-and-the-earth-and-all-life-was-formed-in-six days theory of the origins of life is virtually nonexistent.

Moreover, substantial empirical evidence exists to demonstrate that the Bible has the order of the origination of life wrong. On day three, for example, the Bible tells us (Genesis 1:6-10) that God created "vegetation, plants yielding seed and fruit trees...." On the fifth day He made "birds fly above the earth" and "the waters teem with swarms of living creatures." On the sixth day He created the "beasts of the earth."

But geology teaches us that fish were in the seas hundreds of millions of years before a tree was on the ground. Birds did not appear until well after beasts of the field. And if a dinosaur is a beast of the field, then flowering and fruit-bearing plants did not appear until after beasts of the field.

If a Christian God as described in the Bible was not the agent of the origin of life, who, or what, was the intelligent designer? Here the diligent science teacher should offer a series of alternatives. One of the most compelling should command the attention of teenagers almost as much as sex: space aliens.

Echidne of the Snakes tells you about how conservatives get trained to be such nasty bastards. Most enlightening is how they learn to warp polling places. Can anyone remember how there weren't enough voting machines in black communities or colleges in Ohio and Florida?

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