Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday headlines of doom

Bush is truly an idiot. In an age when Russia could accidentally wipe out life on earth by mistake, we try to up the ante. I'm talking about the space based weapon platforms the administration is suggesting. Tungsten rods dropped from orbit to be used as bunker busters (no rads, but toxic metal exposure is certain downwind), lasers, and hypersonic bombers, Oh my! Do we need another superexpensive invulnerable bomber? I'm not so sure. Besides, first strike capacity makes other nations nervous. Nervous nations that don't trust us not to use our first strike capacity (because we have said we reserve the right to use it) might get jittery. I don't like jittery nations with WMD. No sir. Not one bit.

Newsweek isn't at fault, according to White House, for the riots in Afghanistan. Good Lord, it took them long enough. Just long enough for it to not matter. Couldn't have been planned better...

Scott McClellen dares you to read the Downing Street Memo and compare it to the evidence about the lead up to the war. Think Progress will get you started...

Senator Hillary Clinton is in trouble. An ex DA and maybe Senate candidate is getting free air time on Fox News. Imagine, They must be reaching an audience of thousands. Tens in NY state alone. Wow.

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