Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A truce. It won't last.

But we got a compromise. Isn't that Good?

Not really. Here is the compromise. via buzzflash. (BTW. I hate CNN. Some retired Brig Gen is on and is pushing the lie that Newsweek killed people. Soledad even set him up.)

Of course, the far right extremists are going bonkers. That's good at least. And they are way more angry than I am. I'm not even angry, just sort of concerned with the future. I just don't trust the repubs not to do something to provoke this fight again. I'm not the only one to think this way. From David Sirota,
And that brings me to what I fear: that this whole entire filibuster fight may have never actually been about ending the filibuster. It may have been about keeping the concept of a filibuster around for political purposes, but ending it for actual, real-world policy purposes. Here's what I mean:

The "deal" on the filibuster essentially lets Bush have a number of his most extreme judicial nominees, meaning policy-wise, Democrats agreed to let the filibuster as a regularly-used tool be weakened, or at least be frightened into a corner. It also could be eliminated (or severely reduced) in practice because now Democrats may refrain from using it for fear of raising another "nuclear" debate. The effect of all of this could be to kill/weaken the filibuster IN PRACTICE - one of the GOP's big objectives, so they can ram their agenda through Congress, and fire up their right-wing base.
I think that in a few days, Bush will send 30 extremist judges to the Senate. He does have a right to do this, and he has held back 30 slots. If we had lost the nuclear option, he would have gotten them. If we had won, we would have tied Bush's hands. This way, we only delay the inevitable.

If Bush has proven anything to us, he will move to the right, even when it seems he can't go any further. If Rove has proven anything to us, he is Stalinist in his view that compromise is weakness. The republican party will cut the moderates off from campaign funds and will run nutjobs against them. We haven't won this by far.

Update. Others agree (1, 2, 3, 4)

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