Sunday, May 22, 2005

Three more to read overnight

Did US soldiers or corporate interrogators disrespect the Qu'ran? Evidence would suggest yes. New guidelines on treatment of detainees and POWs require proper treatment. Will we learn from our actions or will we keep putting ourselves up for bigger and bigger falls. When stories like this hit the airwaves, we look like occupying barbarians. So do we silence the stories, or do we make our position the moral highground, so that no one believes that we would do such things. 60 years ago, German soldiers preferred to be captured by Americans because we treated our POWs with honor.

The amazing Eleanor Clift has a great article on the coming Theocracy and what needs to be done to stop it.

The Nation has an article about Hillary Clinton. I honestly don't know as much about her as I would like. I do know that much of what has been said about her are lies. For instance, she is derided for claiming to be an evangelical Christian. Truth is, she is a lifelong Methodist, a faith tradition that considers itself to be, you guessed it, evangelical. She is called an out of control liberal, but her stances are closer to the middle than just about any of the republican theocratic or corporatist names floated for 2008. Since there is constant speculation about her running for President, I figured this would be a good place to start.

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