Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stem cell research bill

Stem cell research bill passes. America joins the 21st millennium. From AmericaBlog,
Bush actually had the gonads to say: "We should not use public money to support the further destruction of human life." Yeah, that's his policy.
More from AmericaBlog,
At his press conference today, Bush said "every life is a priceless gift of matchless value."

Wow, where to begin. This White House talking about morals when it comes to life.

Didn't see any comment from Bush on the deaths of 8 American soldiers in Iraq over the past 24 hours. Update: It's nine now.

Bush is morally bankrupt.
Love the zygote, love the fetus, hate the born. I'll stick with a world where mental midgets don't get to dictate my health choices based on a view of abortion that was not accepted by either the puritans or founding fathers, and is a non-Judeo-Christian interpretation of life. From www.wordwiz72.com,
American Founding Fathers
Even in the time of the Puritans and the founding fathers of the American Revolution, abortion was accepted prior to "quickening" (feeling fetal movement). To quote Lawrence Tribe, professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard, "In early post-Revolution America, abortion, at least early in pregnancy, was neither prohibited nor uncommon." (Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes, p. 28) He documents with scholarly references to original and secondary research sources the COMMON practice of abortion prior to the mid-1800's when evangelical Protestants, soon followed by Catholics, instituted prohibitions.
Early Hebrew Views
Talmud: The following are exact quotes from p. 238 of the Steinsaltz Edition of the Talmud, translated by Rabbi Israel V. Berman, 1989 edition (published by Random House):

"A fetus is [considered as] the thigh of its mother, i.e., it is like a limb of the mother, and is not a separate entity."

"A human fetus [is] less than a fully undependent human being."

"A fetus cannot inherit property until it is born."

Hopefully, the Congress will see what the voters want, and only the Fristians will vote to uphold President Bunnypants Bush's veto. Think Bunnypants can deal with his one and only veto being reversed? He'll probably get all pouty and attack Syria or Iran for his ego.

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