Monday, May 30, 2005

Some headlines, some outrages, some hope

Via Buzzflash, a NYT article mentions death squads operating in Iraq.
Dr. Jaafari, 57, heads an administration dominated by two Shiite religious parties, a watershed for a country ruled for generations by the Sunni Arab minority. Meeting reporters this week, he acknowledged that he was particularly alarmed by reports that Shiite death squads have been singling out Sunni Arabs as targets, including clerics and tribal leaders, in revenge for the persecution of Shiites under Mr. Hussein and attacks in the past two years by Sunni Arab insurgents.
Isn't Negroponte, of Honduras/Nicaragua death squad fame our ambassador in Iraq? Weren't there reports from the White House and Pentagon on how death squads could be used in Iraq to bring democracy? I think it was called the Honduras Option. Wonder if Negroponte will say he had no information that there were death squads operating in Iraq.
More on the environmental effects of military base closing. This article (again via Buzzflash) mentions the SuperFund cleanup fund. This fund is now running dry because polluters are no longer required to pay into it. Guess which party is responsible for that?
WaPo (again by Buzzflash) on how Orthodox Judaism disagrees with Bush on stem cells. I have previously mentioned that Hebrew law does not consider embryos to be people. Hopefully this will be one of many widening cracks in the conservative empire.
Radioactive waste leak unnoticed for 9 months (Buzzflash again) in the UK. No excuse. None at all. Could it happen here? It already has.
DOE has released its annual environmental report for 1999. The report does not show any "“statistically significant"” increase or decrease in levels of radiation and toxic chemicals in comparison to previous years, Don Seaborg, DOE’s site manager, sums up. DOE maintains that technetium 99 is still 2000 feet from the Ohio River, but Craig Jones, one of the report’s authors, admitted that the highest level of technetium 99 in any waterway in the vicinity of the plant was found downstream of the plant in the Ohio River. The impact of USEC'’s operations at the plant is not covered in the report. A copy can be obtained by calling 270-462-2550. Seaborg expects the report for 2000 to be released in September. (Angie Kinsey, Paducah Sun, 1/19/01; James Malone, Courier Journal, 1/19/01)
Here is a great pdf on the waste materials, their origin, their health effects, safety abuse of emplyees at these sites and some shocking photos of how these materials are stored. Go. Read.
Bouphonia, nudibranch fan extroardinaire, has a post on new antibiotics from deep sea sources. Phila points out the importance of this discovery to medicine re: antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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