Sunday, May 08, 2005

The slippery slope of evolution

Well, the family managed to not talk politics. That's a first.

Instead, I have decided to give you a glimpse into the black box of the mind of a creationist.

First, one must understand something about faith. Faith does not require evidence. In fact, with evidence, faith does not exist. It becomes something more certain, knowledge.

Second, faith does not readily change. Challenges to faith must either be accepted or refuted. There is one major problem with accepting that you are wrong about a matter of faith. It means you aren't right with God. You don't have a perfect understanding of God, and those you respect are wrong as well. This is no easy thing to admit. If you believe that you know what the Bible says, and someone contradicts you, either you are wrong (and therefore the Bible is) or they are.
In discussions regarding evolution with a creationist, I asked why creationists were so concerned with evolution. I got an interesting admission. The creationist is an absolutist. Admit that one part of the Bible isn't literally true, then people might not believe the rest of it. You have to protect people against the poison of disbelief. This is one of the worst parts of Christian superstition. (Christianity isn't superstition, but many beliefs held by Christians are. Think about how many Christians believe in "witchcraft.")

When asked for evidence of creation, my friend always reached for his Bible. He never could find evidence to support his position. He did try to find some scientific papers that could aid him in our discussions, but they always ended up supporting evolution after a close study. His belief never changed. He had faith, something that evidence could never trump. He had fear, fear that a change in belief could be damning. Better to believe his way, than run the risk of using his mind and being damned. The problem is, he didn't want anyone elseto believe in evolution, since it might mean they aren't good Christians.

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