Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Repub accuses (sort of) Gonzalez of lying under oath

Sen. Sam Brownback (R Kansas) accuses (sort-of) Att. Gen. Gonzalez of lying before the Senate!
I'm watching C-SPAN2, and Brownback just said that Gonzalez testified before the Senate that he never had said that Judge Priscilla Owen was a judicial advocate. It has been documented that he said this.

From Senator Schumer's .gov website,

- In re Jane Doe B Judge Owen's dissent came under fire from her colleagues of the Texas Supreme Court. They referred to her legal approach as an effort to "usurp the legislative function." Then Justice Alberto Gonzalez, now U.S. Attorney General, wrote a separate opinion chastising the dissenting judges - including Justice Owen: He said that to construe the law as the dissent did "would be an unconscionable act of judicial activism."

- In Montgomery Independent School District v. Davis B the majority, which also included Judge Gonzales, ruled in favor of a teacher who had been wrongly dismissed by her employer. Justice Owen dissented, siding against the employee.
The majority, including Judge Gonzales, wrote that Athe dissenting opinion's misconception Y stems from its disregard of the [rules] the Legislature established."

- In Texas Department of Transportation v. Able B Justice Gonzales also took Justice Owen to task for her activism, indicating that she had misunderstood the plain intent of the state legislature.

Lets bring him up on charges...

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