Friday, May 27, 2005

Off to see Ep III after a long day of writing and kitty adopting.

But first, some Friday Night headlines!

Trent Lott calls Dobson un-Christian (also here. Look at the post ID. ha ha). Dobson turns Lott into pillar of salt.

Coingate co(i)n artist may have skimmed a cool 10 million from state funds...

M$oft breaks deal with Devil, says Devil's spokesman Ralph Reed gives them the willies.

Breaking News! Bush claims that Iraq war will be looked back on as "America's golden moment." Actual copy of speech included word gilded.

Interesting toxicological study on how industrial chemical family called phthalates may lead to the loss of the "taint" in American men, as well as smaller penises. Unrelated news, Porn industry is shaken.

Clear Channel tries to break into pirate radio business. Now searching EBay for eyepatches and parrots.

Get your "I won't use stem cell medicine and you can't make me," pledge cards now! Pandagon says this is a good compromise. I'll be passing them out at the park, along with these wonderful little flags.

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