Wednesday, May 11, 2005

MSNBC's Scarborough lies about sex ed bill

By now we all know that abstinence only education doesn't work and the Bush administration still pushes it on the states, evidence be damned. The media whores like Scarborough continue to tell the lie that the public prefers abstinence only education. The truth is that the public, parents and students alike, want abstinence to be part of a comprehensive sex ed program. That means that students are taught about contraception and risks involved in oral and anal sex.

We had sex ed courses through elementary, middle, and high school where I grew up in KY. From talking to other KY natives, most of them did too. Before anyone freaks out, elementary sex ed consisted of learning proper names for parts of the body, who had what and what was bad touching. Were kids having sex in middle school? Yes. In high school? Absolutely! Did some of the sexually active students get pregnant? Yes. Did some have abortions? I'd put my money on yes, even though we never heard about it. I rarely lose bets based on human nature. Did my high school have a nursery? Did it offer mothers an hour's credit for spending time with their infant and learning parenting skills? Yes to both. Did students have oral sex because it wasn't really sex (pre Clinton sex scandal)? Yes. Were some of the sexually active students from the True Christian groups? You bet.

Do I think that we need more sex ed courses with more information on safe sex? Yes. We had a couple hours in 8th grade about sex. There was very little info on contraception. They did at least mention checking for testicular cancer. We had another course in 9th grade about sex. It was part of the health class. Different types of contraception was discussed, but no information was given about getting condoms (asking for the brown bag at the local health clinic, or driving to another town to buy them if you were embarrassed (who wasn't)) or how to use them. Do I think this contributed to the number of pregnancies? You bet I do. Do I think it will be worse if abstinence is the only thing taught in schools?

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