Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mountaintop removal/Coal industry

Another piece from the Herald Leader. This time an opinion piece on mountaintop removal. Why should you care about mountaintop removal in East KY? Because BushCo wants to push something on you called clean coal. The problem is that coal isn't clean. There are still problems with taking a mountain and dropping it into a valley, toxic waste from making a clean fuel, and CO2 is still a product. So what if we have lots of coal? The major part of the money doesn't stay in KY, we have some very bad pollution producing plants (Coal?) in KY, filled in valleys are lost forever, streams are choked off, even as the creeks they used to run into are poisoned, and the flat lands produced by mountaintop removal won't be used for factories. If big manufacturing was going to seek out Eastern KY, it would have found it by now.

What is the answer? What can E. KY do (actually it does a lot besides mine coal, but it still employs quite a few people) besides mine coal? I don't know. But more coal isn't the answer. KY is in need of some answers to tough questions. What can farmers grow besides tobacco? What can E. KY do for an industry besides a polluting, exploiting, (I am probably related to the man in this article, if you go back a couple hundred years) black lung causing mining industry that employs fewer and fewer people every year because of larger and larger machinery? I truly wish I had the answer. But East Kentuckians are strong people. They are smarter and more resourceful than anyone gives them credit for. With some help, things will turn out fine. But for now, raping the land for ancient sunlight (thanks Thom Hartman) isn't the help they need. This only enriches the energy companies.

Oh, that's right. BushCo.

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