Monday, May 23, 2005

Lunchtime links

'ello. 'eres the scoops, straight from the poop.

Bush supports the march of freedom, but only where we don't have oil contracts or allies in the War on Terror...(1, 2)

Karzai says Afghanistan needs more help to fight opium trade, and turns the blame back on Bush. Karzai's only hope is that he is in... the oil industry.

Want to see what a Theocracy is like? Iran's clerics bar pro reform presidential candidates. Reform groups cry foul. Not all clerics think this is a good idea. Imagine the Southern Baptist Convention saying that Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich can't run for Prez, but Lieberman can. See they are inclusive...

Head shrinkers (for whom I have great respect, but I fell snarky) support gay marriage. Prediction => Fundies go nuts!

From USNews and World Report (which I grew up reading. Get a subscription and get your wonklets started early!) reports bipartisan mourning at death of Eleanor Clift's husband, Tom Brazaitis , of Cleveland Plain Dealer. Wonkabout sends it's regards.

On good news, Aussie
singer Kylie Minogue came through surgery for breast cancer fine. Best of luck to her. I'm a passive admirer rather than rabid fan, but as my mother is a breast cancer survivor, as her mother was before her, and every woman that I know has, or has had breasts, this is of interest to me. Actually, even men get breast cancer, and incidence rates are increasing.

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