Monday, May 16, 2005

Lou Dobbs keeps up with pro creationism game

Lou Dobbs just finished another segment displaying his bias against science (previous post on this topic). In an interview of three school board cantidates, he continued to push the idea that science and creationism/intelligent design should be taught side by side in science classrooms. The ID proponent actually said that he had not reached his position based on religion and that ID was a legitimate scientific theory. Nobody, especially not Dobbs stated that there was no evidence for ID, making it non-scientific Nobody mentioned the huge amounts of evidence in favor of evolution. The two pro-science cantidates said that their religion did influence their stance, as they felt that the pro-ID side had insinuated that everyone anti-ID was an atheist.

Personally, I think that ID should be mentioned in schools, putting me on the side of the anti-ID cantidates. Their opinion was that it belonged in a social studies class or a section on comparative religion. Then we could point out how evolution shaped social theory for the worse (social darwinism as favored by BushCo) and how the fundamentalism has repeatedly attempted to fight evolution over the years.

How creationists
  • Peddle ignorance, lies and distort discussion in the scientific community as a lack of evidence.
  • Change their group's names every few years, and recruit people from every field but paleontology, anthropology and genetics.
  • Send activists to graduate schools so that they can get PhDs and claim to have some level of scientific knowledge.
  • Fear becoming irrelevent to society.
  • Believe in a culture war against their faith, that they are being opressed.
  • Feel that their children being taught one of the unifying theories of science is an assault on their religion.
  • Have a superstitious belief that being taught evolution will magically bring all forms of woe upon their family and our nation.

Of course, Lou Dobbs gave the last word to the pro-ID cantidate.

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